Click the button below to review a sample Virtual Schedule. Agenda for the training will be posted in Canvas Pro.


Superpave 2021 Virtual Schedule


If you have any specific questions, please feel free to reach out to the event manager.



If you have questions about upcoming training sessions, please contact Mustaque Hossain by email at or call (785) 532-1576.


Important Training Details


  • Each participant will need to have computer, WIFI (wireless or hardwire)
  • Virtual training will be available via Zoom (camera, microphone)
  • Learning management system (Canvas Pro) will require a separate log on and each participant is required to join the course before each Session.
  • Be prepared to take notes during virtual training and to have a scientific calendar
  • Smart phone (can be used to call into Zoom meetings)


Questions on technology should be send to the event coordinator.