Konza Prairie Nature Trail

Five miles south of Manhattan and set in the scenic Flint Hills, the Konza Prairie is 3,487-hectare of untouched native Tallgrass prairie.

image of 2 people walking the Kanza



Flint Hells Discovery Center

The Flint Hills Discovery Center is a dynamic tribute to the Tallgrass Prairie and the Flint Hills that surround Manhattan. With more than 7,000 square feet of exhibit space, visitors explore how settlers and pioneers encountered shallow soils, forcing them to create new uses for a new land.

Guests partake in the immersive exhibit experience, visit the gift shop, or take in a panoramic view of downtown Manhattan from the outdoor terraces.

Image of the Flint Hills Discovery Center



Kansas State University Gardens

The KSU Gardens is a horticulture display garden that has been established as an educational resource and learning laboratory for K-State students and the visiting public. The KSU Gardens is a privately funded project, located on the campus of Kansas State University. When completed, the Gardens will be a 19-acre garden, designed to show hardscape and tested ornamental plant material in different aesthetic settings.

Image of the k-state university gardens



Sunset Zoological Park

Sunset Zoological Park, founded in 1933 by the Manhattan Parks and Recreation Board, has been a cultural and education asset to the community for over 80 years. Dr. EJ Frick, Zoo founder and former head of surgery and medicine at the Kansas State University School of Veterinary Medicine, volunteered to acquire, provide care for and display animals for 43 years.

image of the sunset zoo